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Muffler is GONE!

Yesterday, my muffler just plopped off my 1988 Mercedes 190E. I live in New Zealand, where it’s going to cost a ton to get it repaired. How long can I drive without a muffler? The sound does not seem to be any louder than it was with the muffler.

The catalytic converter and the silencer are probably doing a pretty good job of keeping the exhaust noise down, but there may be other rusty leaks causing noise that is just as loud. BUT, without the muffler, the pipe is releasing exhaust under the car, and possibly into the trunk or cabin if any seams are open or rust holes in place. Then, carbon monoxide can leak into the cabin and create a dangerous situation. Since the muffler probably dropped off because of rust, the entire exhaust system may be suspect, and needs to be examined for other holes and leaks for this very same reason.

Even though an MB muffler would probably be the most optimal, a generic muffler can be used without affecting the engine. This would save a ton of cash.

Any muffler repair shop will have a cheaper, aftermarket muffler to fit the car. Stay away from the MB dealer. If you don’t need any new pipes or converters, it should be less than $200.

Any muffler shop can fit a universal muffler and bend a new tailpipe for a reasonable sum…

You can drive it until you succumb to the effects of breathing the exhaust, which is highly toxic.

Take the car to a repair shop and have it fixed. You don’t need a MB dealer for this.