O/D off

My boyfriend’s “O/D off” keeps flashing on his 1995 ford explore. I tried pressing the button but nothing happened. As long as the truck is on so is the light blinking. Could this be a fuse or something more??

This may be a signal of an electronic problem in the transmission’s controller.
What does the Owner’s Manual have to say about a blinking “O/D Off” light?

it said something about it if presist have it checked at first convient cause it may cause transmission problems. The service guy said something about a wiring to/at the transmission, but they dont do transmission and they referd me to someone else.I can’t take it ow cause i have no way to work cause my car is the virbration issue. :frowning:

Your transmission is signaling it has a problem shifting into / out of overdrive. 1995 means many miles on the odometer. Somewhere around 150K, most automatic transmissions need rebuilding. Exploder? Figure $1800-$2500

It could be a lot of things. In slightly more modern Fords, it means get the trouble codes read or you might cook your transmission if you drive it much. It probably means the same thing for your '95.

It could be something minor or major. Even if it is a cheap fix now, you could turn it into an expensive one if you don’t get it checked.

Beads hit it. A flashing O/D light is the same thing as a check engine light. Flashing O/D tells you that the computer has found a problem with the transmission. The computer needs to be scanned for codes by a transmission shop or dealer.