1995 Doge Neon runs worse after tank fill

So a new symptom with my Chrysler 1995 Neon.
When the tank gets down to about 1/4 full, (or 3/4 empty for the pessimists out there), it runs better and doesn’t back fire etc.
After filling it up, it starts having the same trouble as before, stalling, muffled sound etc.
I haven’t changed the fuel filter or the fuel pump but that is my next move.
Any advice as to why a car would run better on a close to empty tank?

Thank you.

You may get several guesses that warn about overfilling modern cars – something to do with the purge valve and the charcoal canister. But the EVAP system on the 1995 Neon is so primitive that it is immune to modern overfill problems. I have always filled my Neon right up to the filler neck every time. Never a problem.

Right now there is not enough information to diagnose the problem. How full must the tank be to create the condition? Would the car still drive well if you filled only half way up or 3/4 of the way to full? I suspect that the fuel level is only coincidental but it is up to you to notice other factors.

It’s not immune to being overfilled. If raw gas gets in there…it can clog it really mess up how it runs.