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06 dodge caravan stalling after fill up

I’ve called to be on the show but never get through. But for the first time I cannot get an answer to my question from any mechanic. I have a 06 dodge caravan minivan which stalls after putting gas in the tank. After a few seconds it starts up again and operates normally for the rest of the tank. I’ve tried filling it, filling halfway and even putting in only a few dollars worth. Please help!! Thanks.

Sounds like a problem with the EVAP system, what specifically I don’t know.
As a test, after a fill up, try pinching off or blocking the vacuum purge line that draws vapors from the EVAP canister into the intake manifold.
If the engine starts and runs well then you know the problem is coming from the EVAP system.
This is only a temporary setup. Keeping that line blocked will disable the EVAP system and trigger the check engine light.

Also, don’t top off the tank. When the pump stops it’s full. It can ruin the charcoal canister in th evap system.

Thank you. I will try those things.

I would agree, either the evap system or a weak fuel pump. I cringe when I see people continue clicking the fuel nozzel time after time getting in the last pint of fuel and ruining the evap system.

“I cringe when I see people continue clicking the fuel nozzel time after time getting in the last pint of fuel and ruining the evap system.”


If I was about to drive across the Atacama Desert, I would probably try to squeeze every last drop of gasoline that was possible into my tank, as it could be–literally–a question of survival if I was to run out of gas. In a situation like that, the issue of life or death would surely trump the warnings from vehicle mfrs about not “topping off” one’s gas tank.

On the other hand, those of us who live in more civilized locations are rarely more than a few miles from the next gas station, which leads to the inevitable question:

In view of the warnings on the gas cap, on the gasoline station’s pump, and in the text of every vehicle’s Owner’s Manual about NOT topping off the tank when filling up…Why do so many people think that they should ignore those warnings and do the click-click-click maneuver in order to keep forcing more gas into the tank of their vehicle?

Last summer on a road trip I stopped to get gas somewhere in South Dakota.
Put the nozzle on auto and went to clean the many-many bugs on the winshield.
I heard a splash! The nozzle didn’t click itself off.
I figure about a half gallon of gas gushed out of the inlet before I could reach it.
I put away the nozzle, pushed the car about 20ft away from the puddle and started it so the EVAP would hopefully start purging.
I hope that one time error didn’t foul the canister.

VDC, someday I might actually read my own manual. If I get really, really bored. Of course, I doubt if I’ll remember anything it said. I only open it to check requirements for fluids, reset protocols, and stuff like that. Never actually read it. Who does? {:slight_smile:

I’ve had the nozzel fail to click off once or twice too. No harm no foul. I guess thats why the signs say to stay with your car. Worse was one time when the lever was stuck on when I started the pump and gas spewed all over the car. Now I make sure when I’m done, the trigger is off and also anytime I pick the nozzel up I make sure the trigger is off. The gas really comes out in a hurry.

When we bought our current Caravan, the seller told us that sometimes the automatic shut off didn’t work. Sure enough…he was right. Even more disturbing was that I would frequently get a strong whiff of gasoline around the car when ever it was nearly full.

So upon inspection, I found that one flexible part of the filler neck vent hose had been chewed through or otherwise mangled. So there was just a big gaping hole in it. I patched it and it’s been fine for the last year or so. Every once in a while though, I realize that I can’t remember what I spliced in there. I only have the lurking memory that I grabbed what I had on hand in the garage thinking I’d have to get a more appropriate piece of tubing at some point…hmmmm. Maybe I should go look at it again.