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Help please!

why does my car run fine for 5 minits then stall out every time i start it?

I have no idea.

And neither will anyone else unless you tell us about your car, and what observations you have made thus far :wink:

my 96 neon,has this reoccuring problem that i cannot fix and its really frustrating!
it starts, runs like a top for 5 minutes,sometimes ten then stalls will start back up and same thing!
ive took the fuel tank down cleaned it out.put in a new filter,cleaned the screen on the fuel pump,examined
wiring and grounds up to battery.found a ungrounded noise supressor,fixed that.cleaned all grounds and tightend.

Have you actually put a fuel pressure gauge on it? Checked the exhaust for blockage? Checked the compression? How many miles are on it? How old are the plugs & wires? Is the check engine light on?

It sounds like you are either running out of fuel due to a slow to flow fuel filter but since you replaced the filter You could have an electrical gremlin in your coil pack that wakes up when the pack gets hot enough…seriously tho the issue with a coil pack acting up like that is When it gets ho micro cracks in the housing can become enlarged enough to cause voltage to leak to ground…no Gremlins involved.

Its easier to trouble shoot the coil at night…you are more likely to see sparks leaking around the coil pack in the dark of night and when it gets warm enough to open potential cracks in the coil body…or wires dointhe same thing…coils more likely. Hope this helps…let us know what you find.