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Turn signals not working

I have recently lost use of my turn signals. Emergency flashers work just fine, so I know that it is not just needing to replace a bulb. Also found out that the problem is also NOT the fuse or the relay, as changing those did not fix the problem. Car is a 1995 Geo Tracker with the turn signals in a unit on the steering column along with wipers and headlights. Tore this apart and found that the electical connection for the turn signals appeared to be “burned up”. Replaced the whole unit with a used part and still not working. Now I’m wondering if maybe the used part had the same problem, (could this be common with these cars?) or could there be a wiring problem even somewhere else that we are missing? I’m willing to spring $400 for a new part only if I know it will fix the turn signals.

Did you use a continuity tester to check for power when you replaced the ‘unit’?

Somewhere under the dash should be the multi-function switch electrical connector. It may need a shot of electrical contact cleaner.

Follow the turn signal wire down the steering column under the dash. It may be mounted at the firewall.

Hi Roadrunner, Thanks for the response. I’m not quite sure I know what a continuity tester is or how to check what you are describing. Are you willing to email me directly or even call me to help me walk through this process?

Do the dashboard turn signal indicators, both left and right, illuminate when the lever is turned in either direction and if so, do they remain illuminated with no blinking?

No, they do not light up at all. That’s how I knew right away that it was not just a burned out bulb. Also, the emergency flashers work, which are the same bulbs.

A quick look at a wiring schematic shows there are 2 fuses involved.
One is Fuse 15 which is hot all of the time and provides power through a white wire with a green tracer.
The other is Fuse 19 which is hot when the ignition switch is in the START or RUN positions. The wire on this one is yellow.

Using a test light or voltmeter (preferably test light) make sure that power exists in those wires at the turn signal switch. Hope that helps.

The turn signals may be running through the 4-Way flashers switch. If they are, the trouble may be with the power to the turn signal function of the switch.

We try to keep the assistance on the board so others can benefit as well, but follow what OK4450 suggested.

A test light or continuity tester are basically the same thing in that they both have a built-in light and a metal probe coming out the other end with a ground clamp on a wire.

The one I’m thinking of has an alligator clip for a ground clamp. (They are inexpensive)
When using these, ensure first that the light DOES work. (You can test it on the battery)

Sometimes I’ve found myself wondering if maybe I have a bad ground with the tester or if the circuit I’m trying to test is dead.

Find those wires OK4450 mentioned and with the ignition key ON and the signal switch turn on, test for power.

If you don’t find power at the switch, work your way back to the fuse panel/box.

Note: some vehicles have a fuse panel in or close to the dash and also under the hood. Check an owners manual for the locations.