I thought I had bought some bad gas.The problem continues and is worse with air conditioning on. I cannot do without as temp is 102. I ama widow living on disability income so cannot afford expensive repairs. Any suggestion from wise mechanics?

How many miles on the car since the last tune-up? How do the sparkplug wires look? If you have more than 90,000 on the car with no service done to it, you will need a mechanic/handyman to check it out. You mentioned bad gas, your gas filter could be plugged up. Easy to check by removing the gas line after the filter to check for gas flow. Turning on the AC will add strain to an engine that needs a tune-up. A simple tune-up will cost around 12 bucks for sparkplugs and maybe 10 bucks for air filter. Sparkplug wires cost around 80-100. Labor rates are around 80/hour at most places.
One easy thing you can do is to check the battery that is about the cheapest thing you can do.