2000 Intrepid on it's way out?!

I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid that keeps stalling on me. When I had it at a gas station a few months ago the gas attendant (I live in NJ) said it “sounded” like I need a new fuel pump. He asked me if it would stall then start again later.

First of all, how do you “hear” a bad fuel pump? And secondly, since the car is in fair shape, at best, is a new fuel pump a worthwhile investment?

Have a repair shop check the fuel pressure. The cost of a fuel pump replacement should not make a car scrap, unless you are looking for a reason to go new car shopping.

I doubt you can “hear” a bad fuel pump, but what I don’t know could fill a book.

I’d go pay ($50-$100) to have the problem diagnosed and get a price quote to fix it. Then you can decide if it will be worth it. Don’t go to a shop and ask them to figure out what is wrong with your fuel pump either, it could be a hundred things causing your car to stall.

THe dealer will get way too much for a fuel pump. Go to a good independent shop for this diagnosis and repair. Don’t trust the pump jocky’s opinion. It is just that, opinion.

I think what the gas station guy meant was that your description of the symptoms “sounded” to him like it might be caused by a fuel pump. I don’t think he meant that he could actually hear the sound of a bad fuel pump, unless he lay down on the ground and put his ear against your gas tank…

But, like the others said, take it to a trusted mechanic for diagnosis. If you don’t have a trusted mechanic, check out the “Mechanics Files” for someone in your area who’s been recommended by others:

In that case, is the “check engine” light on?