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Check engine light came on, I recently had a diagnostics done. it was indicated that the “fuel return valve” was not good. is this something I can change myself? I have general experience in fixing cars. The vehicle has 140k mi, and did not pass emissions.

Year, Make, Model.

Have you tried resetting the light and see if it stays off? Sometimes these problems cure themselves…

If you buy the part yourself form auto zone. You can ask for a print out of the replacement steps and the location on your vehicle. Had to use that service multiple times for the vehicles i have owned.

1997 dodge intrepid 3.5 ltr base model

I wasn’t aware that they even had replacement steps available! that’s awesome, thanks.

I recently had a diagnostics done.

Was that done by a mechanic or was simply an indication from a CEL?

It would be good for you to post the actual code that was stored. The format is P0123. It is rarely, if ever, the case that a code will point to simply replacing a part. They’re called diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). If they were “bad part indicator codes” they’d probably go by BPIC rather than DTC.

So report the code and the symptoms, if any beyond the light. People can first help you figure out whether to spend any $$ on a new part, and then say what can be done with it.

was a hand held from a mechanic shop. it showed (and I dont have my paper work right now) but the same as a fuel valve.

I agree, and will do that here shortly. I just want to be sure that if I pour any more $ into this vehicle, that i can keep it in the living for a little while longer. This vehicle has began to nickel and dime me, here and there. Im in the market for a new vehicle but don’t have the funds for such a purchase.