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Can't seem to understand this car

This car is giving me a hard time.( 2004 dodge intrepid ) I can?t seem to understand it. I have found a hose that needed to be fixed that help the rough ride a little. I still have a smell from the exhaust and lot of condensation coming from the exhaust. It keeps pop the same codes PO172, PO174, and PO175. (Which means lean and rich gas.) The check engine light comes on. Could it bee the gas that I use. (Cheep) or could it be another sensor. Also I could not find a EGR value, and not MAF sensor. Could it be the TPS sensor. Some one told me about a full sensor (were could that be and what is it) Help before this car kills me

Please don’t feel offended, that is not my intent, but your post suggests to me that things mechanical really aren’t your forte. Let me suggest you take it to a good independently owned and operated shop. You could spend a fortune changing parts and never fix the vehicle.

There are a number of possible causes. Perhaps what they were suggesting was a fuel pressure regulator. But there are also oxygen sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, and other parts that could cause erroneous fuel metering. Someone really needs to look at it.

Please recognize that I have very smart friends for whom I have great respect that I would make the same recommendation to. Folks not mechanically inclined can regret trying to fix their own vehicles.

I have to agree with mountainbike on all counts including how nicely it was all put.

The only thing I can add is that if you’re completely broke and bound and determined to deal with this yourself then dump $20 on a repair manual for the car. This at least will have a chapter on the codes and the sensor system. You could familiarize yourself with it a bit, learn to test some things, etc. And since you have computer access you can get extra info and fill in some blanks with internet searches.

Keep in mind though that if you can’t even find an EGR valve or MAF sensor then you have an uphill climb, and you might end up thinking a repair shop was a better idea.

Thank you for your reply. I guess I was just hoping that I wouldn?t have to take it in. I just can?t stand dealing with mechanics. Thanks again

All phobias can be conquered. If cars were not complex machines, mechanics would be as easy to talk to as grandchildren are adorable.