1994 Saturn SC recently out of storage

i had my 1994 saturn sc1 in storage for two yrs. but started it weekly. the other day my son started it, and drove it aroung the parking lot. then put it back in the garage. now two weeks later i attempted to start it. but it would not start. but cranks normally. what the hell gives, help help jb

Got enough fuel to start?

Is it cranking fast enough to start?

Check fuel pressure

Check spark

check compression

If this car uses a timing belt and it snapped, the engine might be spinning over WAY faster than normal

No timing belt, chain… But all the other advice is spot on.

Possible that the gas you’ve had in the tank for 2 years (did you use fuel stabilizer???) has gone bad and driving it around just clogged the injectors with bad fuel. Or something else on this 24 year old car broke. It happens.