1996 Saturn SL2, sitting since last summer (over a year)


I haven’t had to use it and it has low miles, like 75-80K if I remember. I think the starter went out on it last summer and haven’t been able to get it started. Yes I changed out that all too common temp sensor a couple of years back(it came up on my old SL2 as well).

Battery is fine.

Just doesn’t turn over. Thinking it’s the starter.

I’m moving in just under a month so obviously the car has to come with me. I plan on driving it again.

I don’t want to part with it as it’s a VERY clean car and replaced that pesky rusty crossmember as well. It even still has hints of the new card smell as the previous owner never drove it and we only put maybe 10K on it in the last 5-6 years.

And selling it I wouldn’t get the value.

So, anyway.

I’m sure the breaks are now shot.

Anyway, aside from probably an oil change(even though the oil was new when I put it in last year) and new gas, what else, assuming the starter is the culprate?

Have you tried shifting the transmission into neutral to see if cranks?


No I haven’t. I can that later. If it does, what does that indicate? The gas is old though now.

If the engine cranks, it means the contacts in the park/neutral safety switch for the park position are corroded.


Open the gas cap and take a whiff.

Does it smell like gas?


if your engine turns over but does not start this could be your problem.

Duralast Ignition Control Module SA101 (autozone.com)

Don’t people read these posts?



Yeah smells like gas. Sucks cause I got two cars I have to figure out before I move lol this and the ION in my other post.

I read it but when some people say it does not turn over they really mean it turns over but does not start.

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Do you have a digital multimer, jack and jackstands?

If so, you can get under there and make sure you’ve got voltage at the appropriate starter terminals while somebody turns the key to “start” position

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The vehicle in question has been sitting for more than one year without the engine running, but the OP is sure that the battery is okay?

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Disconnected, plus I couldn’t get it to turn with another battery from a currently used and running car.

You can try freshening up the connections and/or test for power at the starter, if it’s not the neutral safety switch. Then you gotta pull the starter and have it tested. Or being busy with a move, have it towed t a shop and let them worry about it while you pack.

My Corolla sat unused for 9 months b/c of Covid complication, and to get it to crank and start at that point I had to recharge the battery using a battery charger , on the 2 amp setting, for 12+ hours.