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Saturn just stopped while driving and won't start now


need a little more than “help”. what were symptoms or conditions? are you out of gas? did the car shake violently before stopping?

more info please

Year and model might help. All Saturns are not the same. If this car has a timing belt, I suggest you check it.

What Model-Year Is This Saturn ? It’s An SL1? Is Your Gas Thingy On “E” ?

Possible fuse contact corrosion.
Single case scenario ;
My niece’s Saturn has a ‘no start’ mood it gets into once in a while. She can have driven anywhere, park, and when she gets back in to leave…nothin’.
no dash lights, no dingdingding, no dome light, no radio, no crank.

After an hour or two testing and finding only dead circuits we started checking fuses the old fashioned way, pull one out and LOOK…put it back in.

All of them, one at a time. And as we were pulling and puting in fuses, one of them caused EVERYTHING to spring back to life.
IT WAS THE RADIO FUSE of all things but the dang car wouldn’t start or or even crank.
In her car it was the fuse near the top right corner of the fuse panel,( I forget which fuse location number ) And she needs to pull and re-put that same fuse once in a while even now.

As corrosion goes, it could be any or many but just start pulling , looking, and replacing fuses to see if this could be you.

My response to “haleba” is also, help!

If you want anyone to try to give you an answer with any validity, you need to help us by answering the following questions:

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Is the engine equipped with a timing belt?
If it has a timing belt, has it been changed?
What is the maintenance history of this mystery Saturn?
Were there any unusual noises or odors just before the engine stopped?
Were there any unusual indications from the dashboard gauges or warning lights?

driving along and it went off, half tank of gas 05 L300

sorry 03 130,000 miles

03 L300 130,000 miles V6 well kept all recalls done my sons car he said it just stopped, the gas pedal stopped working he said

According to the Gates’ catalog the V6 Saturn engine for '03 does use a timing belt and it’s an interference engine. If the timing belt broke, this engine may be ruined. You say it was well maintained. Was the timing belt ever changed? 130,000 miles and 7 years is overdue for a timing belt change, so if it wasn’t done I’d say there is a good chance that is the problem.

There are many other things that could cause the same condition, but without some more information it’s hard to guess. For example, a fuel pump going bad or just the fuel pump fuse blowing might cause this. A crank angle sensor going bad would do it. A bad relay, maybe. Trust me, there are a lot of possible causes. Timing belt is about the worst, but it will be easy for a mechanic to check.

Does the car crank over but not start? Has that been tried? Has it been taken to a mechanic?

won’t crank at all

dash lights? and won’t crank at all? sounds very bad to me. maybe someone else might know but if it does break and that will ruin motor, won’t there be a violent shaking, even if brief. My Jeep convulsed to death and I threw a rod in it. Yeah, she wasn’t cranking but cussing me out. Definitely…definitely gotta check the oil…definitely, most definitely. (Rain Man)

Worst case scenario, may have to find another motor from salvage. i really don’t know if a motor like that can recover from timing belt break if everyone says that something like that ruins a motor.
Good luck buddy.

Take the car to a mechanic, and get someone to look at it since you are unwilling to provide us with any actual information.

We don’t have time nor desire to play 20 questions with you.

At this point, it could be anything from a blown fuse, to a dead battery/alternator, to a seized engine.

Good luck to you, and please try to be a bit more helpful and verbose in the future.


new ftimeing belt in 08, fuse for fuel pump is fine.

my son said it shook some

I would love some help with some answers we have a saturn its a 2006 saturn outlook dont know much about it but my ol lady was driving it today and it died it has gas in it and lights all work radio works and will turn over but just wont start even after we put a brand-new battery in it still does the same thing was thinking maybe a fuel pump or sensor of some kind any help would be greatful thank you

Daughter had one, the timing chain broke, check the compression

08 saturn outlook has timing chain not belt.