1994 Nissan Pathfinder Speedometer not working



The speedometer in my 1994 Nissan Pathfinder isn’t working, which doesn’t bother me too much except it causes the “check engine” light to be on all the time which causes me to fail I/M. I replaced the speed sensor and it still doesn’t work; any suggestions? I have a feeling the only other thing is to replace the transmission and am not going to do that, the car runs great otherwise and I can generally tell my speed by what gear/RPMs.


You need to check the wiring and connectors from sensor to computer.


okay will do, thanks! (i am speaking for my husband so will tell him)


The VSS (vehicle speed sensor) sends it signal toward the engine computer. It might go through the dash speedometer, first, and then, on to the engine computer. The repair manual would clarify this point. A Haynes, or Chilton’s Repair Manual cost about $20, which is cheaper than a transmission.
An electrical multimeter (aka a voltmeter) is a useful tool to check the wiring with. It goes well with a wiring diagram.


Thank you for the great info!