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Honda Speedometer

I have a 1992 Honda Civic that is probably the most reliable car I have ever had. I plan to keep it for at least a few years more. The speedometer only works once in a while. In the old days I would replace the speedometer cable but I think this one is electronic. What do I look to replace, the speed indicator that sends the signal to the speedometer head or do I have to replace the whole speedometer head?

Is the Check Engine Light ‘on’? Usually if the Vehicle Speed Sensor is faulty, the CEL will come ‘on’.

To answer your question the VSS is probably the cheapest and easiest to replace. It is located on the transmission. If this were my problem car, I would check the resistance of the VSS and the wiring from it to the Engine Control Module. Then I would check the wiring from the ECM to the speedometer head.

If you finally determine that the problem is in the speedometer head, you may want to look for the part at the auto recycling center as this part is going to be pricey at the dealership. You might call a speedometer shop and ask if they can troubleshoot and repair your specific head and what the job would cost.

Hope that helps.

Check the vehicle speed sensor, which mounts to the transmission. The VSS can be tested for correct output.

If the speedometer itself is bad you can probably have it rebuilt at a speedometer shop, if there is one in your area, or get a used one from a junk yard.