Speedometer on 91 Corolla



I’ve got a 91 Corolla with 44K (belonged to my parents in Florida). The speedometer stopped working, but the odometer is working fine. I’ve been told that I’ve got to replace a computer “chip” or processor. Anyone know if that makes sense?


If the car has a vehicle speed sensor (VSS), a new one might fix the problem. The speedometer is not connected to the car’s computer.


Thanks for the reply McParadise - would a 91 have a VSS? (never heard of that myself) How would I find out?


I might be wrong but on my '89 Corolla the speedo was mechanical. A cable from the top of the tranny goes to the Speedo unit. Disassembly of the unit is not that difficult. Look on autozone.com under vehicle specific repair guides, your car is listed and see if you can find the info. You might end up buying a recycled speedo. Look on car-parts.com. You have to be careful with state laws re speedo change esp if you ever plan to sell the car.