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Nissan Maxima 1996 Speedometer Replacement

I have determined that my 1996 Nissan Maxima will need a new speedometer. The ECU is throwing the code for VSS, which I have already replaced. Replacing the VSS did not clear the problem.

The speedometer always gives an accurate reading.

Further research into the wiring diagram shows that a wire comes off the instrument cluster that feeds the ECU, and after time, the signal coming off the speedometer gets flaky, and the ECU periodically cannot tell how fast the car is going. From what I’ve read, changing the speedometer usually fixes the problem.

My question is, how much should this job cost? Can any reputable mechanic change it, or does it have to be done by the dealer? I am reluctant to find a wrecking yard cluster because I think it would have, or eventually have, the same problem.

Any advice out there? New/used? DIY? Dealer or independent? How much?


If the speedometer is always reading accurately but a VSS code is present, I the problem is in the wiring harness, not the speedometer head.