1990 Taurus check engine light

Does the 1990 Taurus 3.8L have the STAR [self test] connector to read-out the Check Engine codes? Chiltons manual is vague as to what years have it and where it is. I bought a used factory manual and it does not cover the Check Engine; you have to buy another manual which I cannot find. I have looked under dash and engine compartment and cannot find it.

Dont know on your 90 but on my 95 Taurus it was under the hood passenger side velcroed to the firewall.

Took me some time to find it on my 87 Ranger as it was hanging from it’s wires -also under the hood-& near the heater blower motor.

Keep poking around under the hood, should be there someplace.

You can read the codes with an inexpensive code reader that is available even at WalMart (under 20 bucks) or by using a VOM. The latter is a little trickier as you have to count needle sweeps, try not to get confused over long and short pulses, and not miss the separator code.

I think? the code reader from WM might come with an instruction sheet but I’m not sure on that.
The former is very simple and once you go through it a few times it’s won’t be a problem at all.

I’m not sure but I think the diagnostic connector is on the right side near the firewall. There should be an oblong gray connector and a single wire pigtail with it.

On my 93 it was on on the plastic cowling cover on the passenger side. It snapped in to a plastic cover that also had the ABS plugged into it.

I don’t know about the 90 but the 93 could read the codes from shorting out the connector to ground and reading the flashes on the MIL (check engine light).

Someone else may know for sure, and if so, this may save you some money on a code reader.

Many parts stores will read it for you for nothing…

Your Diagnostic Link Connector is located at Under hood, center, upper engine area, base of alternator mounting bracket, mounted on engine block. I got this info from http://www.autozone.com/N,4294897043/shopping/locsSelect.htm

I’ve rigged up a tester that uses a 12 volt light hooked up to the positive side of the battery and plugged into the Diagnostic Link Connector, plus use a jumper wire that goes from the single wire connector and plug it into the Diagnostic Link Connector.
This website shows how to pull codes: