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1994 Dodge Ram 1500

When you push down on the emergency brake on this vehicle, it pops right back up like it is not connected to anything. Thank you in advance for any advice.

You just answered your own question. The e-brake cable needs replacing because it broke.

Thank you Corolla. This is for my friend who has no internet, is in a bad situation, and is having to do all of her own mechanicing. I’ll pass this on to her. I am in no way able to do mechanical repair efficiently. I may need more information for her about tools to use, what do you connect the cable to, etc.

If the parking brake pedal won’t hold in position the pawl in the ratchet mechanism may be stuck, possibly due to rust. It might be possible to spray the parking brake assembly with a lubricant to free the pawl and ratchet.


Oh, thank you so much, Nevada! I’ll pass your info along. She does have unlimited text and talk. We live 40 miles apart, so at least I can do this for her.