Fixing a stuck E-Brake

My 95 honda accord runs fine, but after a long trip the emergency brake is stuck in the engaged position. Is there a trick, or am i into clipping the brake cable?

likely the cable itself it stuck.

look under the car. find the cable where it goes from the handle to the back. usually they transition from an enclosed cable to an open cable. usuully this is where it splits into two to go to both sides. sometimes the cable gets dirty gunked up and gets sticky.

don’t cut it, but once you figure out which is the cable, reach under the car and tug the wire
towards the back, to help release the brakes.

this is an indication the cable needs TLC, and a lubrication. heads up, or it will continue to jamb, and maybe seize up the ebrake permanently.

Does the e-brake handle release properly?

The handle will depress as if it were disengaging, but the brake continues to stick.

Everytime I’ve run into this, I ended up cutting the cables right at the backing plates for the brakes.


When was your last brake job? You could have brake shoes that are so worn that the expander pucks are sticking when you park. This would then be a brake rebuild problem and not an E-brake problem. It would also be possibly life threatening.