E-brake won't stay up

I just bought a mazdaspeed3 2008 and every time i pull up on the e brake, it just goes back down. it doesn’t stay up at all

Pay careful attention to the symptoms. If you pull up on the handle and it feels normal, that is a different symptom than if you pull up and it feels abnormal.
If it feels normal, try to pull up on the handle slowly without pushing the release button. You should hear a click-click sound of a ratchet mechanism. The mechanism should hold at any position, until the button is pushed.
Without further info, I am guessing that the ratchet mechanism is not functioning. It might be solved by taking the handle out and lubrication, or it might be a broken ratchet. Used ones are on eBay at $30.
Very dangerous: get it fixed!


Yeah i think its the ratchet mechanism, because when i pull up you can hear clicking but it doesn’t hold

It could be worn ratchet teeth, or simply dirt that keeps the ratchet from engaging. Does the button seem to have a limited range of motion…specifically, does it come all the way out?


Please perform this test in a remote parking lot

drive slowly

now pull up on the e-brake handle and keep holding it

Is the car slowing down at all?

If yes, the parking brake shoes and cable(s) are most likely just fine, and you just need the e-brake handle assembly . . . or maybe just lubrication, like the other guys already suggested


The button comes all the way out, but i think the teeth are worn because i pull the ebrake and it catches for a second but then starts to slowly go down and if i pull it up and hold it there for a second it stays then goes back down

Do have a link for the ratchet mechanism? I searched for it but can’t find it

I just searched on 2008 Mazda3 emergency brake handle and got a number of ebay hits, plus new units.

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