1994 Chevrolet Beretta - Who has a steering wheel?

I’m looking for a steering wheel for a 1994 Beretta

junk yards and ebay, no sales section here.


A Corsica steering wheel would work as well. It’s the sedan version of the Beretta coupe.

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Nobody–including the vehicle manufacturer–is able to supply new parts for a 28 year old vehicle.

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There are some new options…


Now that brings back some memories. I remember seeing those back as a teen.

This is new old stock…says it fits 92 and 93 so might work on yours.

Just don’t spend any more than you have to on this piece of……classic


That is the REDNECK way. :roll_eyes: :grinning:

Sounds like I only have two years left with my Stratus, I better order another case of Mopar oil filters.

How cheap can you get? He should at least use two vice grips.

That car is a little too new, but hemmings has a guy that does searches for hard to find parts, or maybe one of the asvertisers. Color might be a problem but that can be changed. Around here French lake auto parts, flap, north of Minneapolis, only deals in older car parts. Acres of old cars back to the 40s and up. They ship too.