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1988 Eurosport VR

Does anyone know who, where, or how I can get a hold of the Body Kit for my vehicle since GM stopped making them?

your best bet is probably junkyards or craigslist.


Have you tried the Eurosport VR web site? I didn’t know it was out there:

I actually am on there as you posted this, but all I see are old pics of the dead VR’s in the land of the lost.

Yep, small number made = hard to find parts 23 years (gulp!) later. Have you searched ebay?

Yes, I do not need them now, but want them just in case!

It is in Great Condition

I just took this photo outside my house

Honestly, I had never even heard of the “VR” model before this. No offense, but other than it’s low production numbers, I don’t see anything really execptional about it.

Seems that’s it’s just largely just a Eurosport with a body kit and a rather excessive $4000 (at the time) markup. If I had been looking for a domestic sports sedan around 1988, I would’ve probably opted for an early Taurus SHO or if I had to have something more exclusive, a McLaren Grand Prix.

As to where you can find parts for these things, junkyards and ebay and maybe a lucky Craigslist posting are going to be your best bets. They didn’t make many of these cars apparently, and AutoStyle Cars have apparently gone out of business.

The Original Concept car was a Celebrity Eurosport RS, but in 1987, the VR speed rated tire came out, so the GM people adopted it to their first production Eurosport. Prior to '88 the Celebrity outsold every other Chevy model, then came the Beretta. in '89 they scrapped production of the Celebrity specail model for the Beretta GTU.

Or you could always go to for more detailed information. The Celebrity was the original Eurosport.

The Beretta GTU wasn’t exactly any great shakes itself. The GTZ model was what the GTU model should’ve been from the start. Back to the Celebrity Eurosport, I really think GM would’ve had something that could’ve competed with the best sedans in the world had they used the Pontiac 6000 STE’s AWD system and incorporated the turbo 3.1L V6 from the McLaren Grand Prix. Probably would’ve too expensive to justify production, but such a setup would’ve made for a formidable sports sedan.

With all due respect, I have to ask…
Do you really think that it is worthwhile to sink additional money into a 22-23 year old car that will never be considered to be a true classic?

This model was essentially an overpriced Chevy Celebrity with some body mods and mild performance enhancements. Enjoy it now, and then be prepared to send it to the crusher as soon as it has transmission problems or significant engine problems. This car is really not worth “investing” anything more than the cost of maintenance.