Defunct steering column lock

On my 94 Camry (190,000 miles) the steering column lock doesn’t seem to work any longer. When the key is removed the steering wheel still moves freely through a full 360 degrees. What is likely the cause, and is it easily repairable?

It’s more than likely a sticking lockpin. See a local independent mechanic to check it out. Do not attempt this yourself as the airbag system is involved.

Unless this is causing you some other problem, why bother? I think the steering column lock was dumb idea to begin with and it never accomplished its intended purpose of reducing car theft, and even if it did, no one is looking to steal a '94 Camry.

my sentiments exactly.

Thanks for the replies. I’m not terribly concerned about it, although crime statistics do suggest that older Camry and Accord models are popular with thieves for the parts that can be stripped. I’m not worried about that where I live, though, and I agree it’s not much of a deterrent anyway.