Corvette steering problem

I have a 1984 c4 corvette, I’ve replaced the tires all 4, new kyb shocks, front end alignment and driving it down the road it pulls you into every rute in the road, and jerks you around like your drunk? If the road is new or in good shape it is fine. Thanks

You need to have someone go over every link and joint in the suspension, front and rear, looking for worn stuff. Did they align the rear wheels too?


This is a classic symptom of an alignment and/or worn chassis component problem. You’ll need a good chassis shop to get this in order.

It’s also a classic symptom of having high performance directional tires, which the OP’s Vette very likely has.

Is this something new with the Corvette or has it always been like this? I had an 86 Camaro IROC new with 245/50R16 Eagle VRs. I believe Corvettes of that vintage had 255/50R16 Eagles.

The Camaro was a bear to drive. It wandered, followed ruts and needed constant corrections. Driving back and forth to Philly from the Jersey shore was exhausting. I tried alignments and adjusting tire pressure. I think the tires were too wide for the car. A coworker had an 85 Camaro Z28 with 215/65R15 Eagle GTs, if I recall correctly, this car had much better road manners.

It was the nature of the beast. I only kept it about 2 years as the insurance was killing me.

Ed B.

Not in my experience. High performance directional tires should be virtually oblivious to road condition changes, not hyper-sensitive to them. Mine always have been.

What are the sizes of the tires that you installed on your Corvette?

What I have noticed with my sports cars (Boxster and Crossfire) is that the 255 width rear tires are very susceptible to getting caught in the tire grooves worn into the road surface by traffic.

When ever I have to drive on rutted roads, I make sure to ride on the crown fo the road surface, between the ruts. If i fall off of the crown, the tires get jerked around as they fall into the ruts.

Most cars on the road run on tire sizes between 185 and 225 normally.
The 255 is much wider than that, and is riding on the sides of the rut, changing the shape of your contact patch.