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1994 Accord stopped running

I was just driving my 1994 Honda Accord, and when I turned on the AC, all of the needles on the gauges started moving like crazy. I stopped the car, and then it wouldn’t start again. I was able to jump start it, but on the way home the same thing started happening. Any idea what is going on? Could it be the alternator? If so, is it worth replacing in a car this old? Otherwise, the car runs fine. Thanks for the advice!

What SAME thing started happening on the way home? Did you turn the A/C again, and the engine stalled, again? Or, was the A/C off, the second time the engine stalled?

When the A/C is turned ON, a signal is sent to the engine computer to indicate this. The engine computer responds in certain ways. Now, there may be a wiring problem between that circuit to, or the response circuits from the engine computer. Or, the engine computer, itself, is “flipping its wig”.

Has the check engine light (symbol) come on? If it has, it needs to be read. Then to determine what to fix, or replace, one does something called diagnostics, or troubleshooting.

The same thing, meaning I turned on the AC, the needles went crazy, and when I parked in my driveway, the car wouldn’t restart. The engine never stalled, the car just won’t restart when I turn it off to check what is going on. Thanks!