Honda -- 1994 Accord


My 1994 Honda EX Accord, acquired 2 years ago with 75,000 miles, now has 93,000 miles. It is a manual 5 speed, 2.2 VTEC engine. In general it is good car reliable and good gas mileage. I tuned it up when I got it, cahnged all fluids etc. Since then I have had to replace the starter, but my lingering problem is that and in the heat (which is oppressive in MD during the summer) AND when the gas gage gets below 1/4, the car likes to stall when coming to a stop. Sometimes this can be stopped if you tap the accelarator, but not always. Depeinding on the heat outisede the car may nopt starta again for up to 10 minutes. The honda dealer siad it was defintiely the Distributor Coil. I replaced that 6 weeks ago and the car seemed to do better, but the problem is returning. ANy thoughts solutions? Thanks Tim from MD


[b]One component that Honda’s have a history of having problems with is the main/fuel pump relay.

These relays become sensitive to temperature changes. This is due to the solder joints in the relay cracking. When these fail, the fuel pump doesn’t operate.

So, the next time the engine stalls, remove the gas cap, and listen down the filler tube while someone turns the ignition to the run position. If you can’t hear the fuel pump run when doing this, I would suspect the relay is defective.



I agree with Tester, You need to change out the main/fuel pump relay. Son has a 92 Accord and we fought a stalling and nonstart problem for 3 months untill we changed out the main/fuel pump relay. Have not had a problem since and its been 2 years.


Were you, by chance, getting a code when you were having this problem with the main relay? If so, what was the code? Thanks!


I did’nt get any CEL. If I had it would of made tracking down the problem easier I believe.