Ac issues

I have a 1994 Lincoln Continental. I take very good care of it. I have had it happen 2 times now. Once last year just before fall and now just last week when its getting hot again. I am driving Ac full blast its about 102 degrees out and the car shuts down. It acts like I ran out of gas. The engine turns over and over but won’t start. I turn off the AC and(after getting pushed out of the traffic) I sit and wait for about 20 or 30 mins. Then the car starts back up. It’s like the engine is starved of fuel. This has only happened during very hot day and when the AC is going full. I use the ac in other situations but both times it happened it was about 102 or more degrees outside. I drove all winter used the ac and it never happened. Any ideas? Can’t find a thing in my repair manuel.

I think the A/C is only relevant because it adds more heat to the engine compartment. On a really hot day I’d bet it would shut off even without the A/C running. You need to check the basics to see what’s missing when it won’t run—either fuel is not present or spark is not present. I’d take a wild guess and say to look at the ignition components first. I believe Fords of these years are known for this problem.

I agree it’s probably an ignition problem. Fords of this vintage were notorious for ignition module failure when they got too hot.