Engine Stoping while driving

I drive Honda Accord 1999, I noticed switched off en. engine while I am driving. It doesn’t completely stop the car, it kind of shut of, but continues an drives ok. I noticed this twice. Both times, I had my AC on. It happens when I am driving on the hill/bridge at 60 miles p/h. I don’t know what causes this. Ay idea?

How many miles on your car? Has all the regular maintenance been done (air fuel and oil filters, oil changes, plugs and wires etc.)? How long has it done this? Is it related to temperature etc. Any other issues with the car? Has the check engine light come on?

Even if you have not seen a check engine light, I suggest you have your car checked to see if it has any stored error codes.  Some places like Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts will do this for free.  Tell us exactly what any codes are.  They should be something like P1234

On 1997 Honda CRV with over 219,000 miles, and has has regular maintenance esp. regular oil checks, just had suspension repaired. We have a similar stalling problem. Online repair suggests checking carburater or something called the mass air flow filter. Will start and run just fine, start to pull out or stop at nearest stop sign where rpms go low, it will stall. Will restart again, no problem. Happens sporadically, no check engine light. One time it ran fine until I turned on the AC and had lights, radio, windshield wipers and AC running. Electrical?

There are a number of things that could cause this (fuel pump, main relay, secondary ignition, etc) but this car is also under a Recall for the ignition switch which can also cause a stalling problem.

If the Recall has never been performed on this car then I would advise getting it done at any Honda dealer along with any other outstanding Recalls at the same time.
All of this will be totally free of charge to you.