1993 Volvo 960 Flasher Module

TBF (Terrific Boy Friend)'s work car flashers are not working. He has ascertained that it is NOT the fuse. He bought a replacement FL35 module today but can’t figure out where it goes. Googling it (my job) says A) in console, behind snap-on cover over cigarette light, then remove two screws securing storage box; or B) someplace underneath the car on the driver’s side and you have to replace it from underneath.

Any wisdom hereind about this particular problem?


Any wisdom herein?! (And I can’t even blame that typo on my iPhone!!)

The fuse/relay box appears to be under the ash tray?
The flasher is in the middle row, center relay.

Thanks, Nevada. We’ll see if we can figure that out.

For questions on this car, the best congregation of experts is on the Brickboard forum.

Also, on the old European style fuses, the fuse may look good but still be bad. Pull it out and examine the tips of the fuse. Volvo had some metal compatibility problems there, and the tips tend to corrode off the fuses after a couple of decades.

Thanks, Manolito.

Yeah, I’d put in a new fuse, just in case.