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1993 olds cutlass ciera

i’m trying to replace an ignition module on my 3.3liter engine,and i was told that one from a variety of 3.8 g.m. models will work,but i’ve been unable to get it started after changing it 3 i need to use one from a 3.3,or am i picking a bad one every time?[with my luck it’s possible.also,will a tranny from a 1993 3.8liter bonneville work in a 1997 3.8 bonneville?

From what you’re saying, it would appear you’re not aquiring these ignition modules from a parts store. Otherwise, you’ld just order a module for a 3.3L GM engine. So no. A module from from a 3.8L GM will not work on a 3.3L GM. The program chip is what decides what module must be used.

Again with the transmissions. The 1993 GM is an OBDI transmission. The 1997 GM is an OBDII transmission. So the computer programming will be incorrect when the 1993 transmission is installed in a 1997 vehicle.