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PASSKEY system on 98 Olds cutlass

Car is 3.1L, engine fires then cuts out immediately. The “Theft System” light is on continuously and doesn’t go out after the time out proceedure.

I’ve been reading in ALLDATA and there is surprisingly little information about the theft deterrent system on this car. Something about a magnet passing by a hall effect to generate the code and going through the BCM to the PCM.

Doesn’t the key itself have anything to do with code generation on this implementation of PASSKEY? This car came to me with a hardware store cut key.

I checked the BCM and found two broken wires going into the pink connector (24 pin furthest left) on pins 12 and 13. The wires are both orange in color which, in my experience, is the color that GM uses with the old PASSKEY system like the one on my '96 Buick.

Also there were many severely corroded pins on the BCM and it’s connectors. The car was running and died on her at the parts store.

Anyway, I’m looking for a solid explanation of the PASSLOCK system for this car. The ignition lock is in the dash not the column. If anyone knows or could point me to some good literature as far as pin-outs and diagrams I’d much appreciate it.

GM factory service manuals have excellent info on these systems.The dealer used to give us monthly handouts featuring these systems,don’t know if they are avialable.Have you looked at FSM’s and been disappointed?