93 cutlass ciera 3.1 no spark won't start

Was running with a slight miss until reach 30 mph for about 5 days now this morning, turning over and over but won’t start…checked 2 plug wires no spark to ground…how to fix and make start?

For a no-spark condition, the ignition module or the crank position sensor are the first suspects.


Ok thank you I’ll try the Ignition Module first…thankx again.

Take the old one to the auto parts store and see if they can test it. These modules are a commonly failed item, but is sort of pricey to be throwing at the car, hoping to fix it.

I am the tech manager at Autolite Spark Plugs. We have a great troubleshooting video for your car on our website. autolite.com, click the tech info tab at the top, open the autolite challenge videos and watch the one on DIS ignitions. Good luck

Hey Tester…we did it… it was the ignition Module/coil packs…we got both from junk yard. for $35. it worked… thanks for the input…have the best ever.