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1993 Honda Prelude - Crunch

Please NEED HELP !!!
So I was driving my 1993 Honda prelude(manual transmission) and I was going in reverse. while I was going in reverse I thought I was going over a branch(because I heard crunching noises) and while I was done reversing and I put it in first my car didn’t move at all but the engine was still in and running I just didn’t move . While I was doing some more investigation I could move the car but it was vary violent and shaking the car and sounded so bad . And my friend is telling me it’s the cv axle but I’m kinda thinking that it’s the clutch or my transmission went out .
Please help .

Seeing i can’t see your car, I’m going to take a wild guess.

My guess is that it is probably the cv axle or the clutch or the transmission.

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The only help we can give over the internet is to suggest you tow it where either you or a mechanic can diagnose the problem.


Well I looked under the car today and it was in nutrual and they right axle was moving on it’s own and the wheel wasn’t turning .

I would say @It_s_Me got it right - Broken CV joint! Much less expensive than a trans or clutch.