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2013 Dodge Avenger makes noise in reverse

My 2013 Dodge Avenger is making noises in the reverse gear, not any other gears. What could the problem be?

I could be a CV joint, or a motor mount or the transmission. Impossible to narrow it down given the tiny bit of info you’ve shared.

Well, when I start the car it is just cold, but when its warm reverse still has that noise n when I back up still the noise I hear… No other gears like d,p, nautral make the sound,

I’m sorry, that is not nearly enough information for me to help. I suspect you are not going to try and fix this yourself, so…

I’d suggest you take it into your favorite independent auto repair shop and describe to them what the problem is and let them determine what is wrong.

Patrice , it could be as simple as the parking brake mechanism or as bad as the transmission . Mustang is correct you need to have it looked at because internet guesses really will not help .