1993 Dodge Stealth headlight

hello fellow car lovers! I am the proud owner of a 1993 dodge stealth (base model). unfortunately I had a nasty encounter with a truck on a wet road and now my passenger headlight is bent up and nonfunctional. I have tried looking everywhere for a replacement (junkyards, the dealership, my machanics, google)but I cannot find one. does anyone have any ideas that might help?

Have you tried Ebay? Salvage yards can do a national search I believe.

Search on two names we use out here in the four corners area to see if they’ll sell to you.

Keystone Auto Body Parts
National Auto Parts USA ( not NAPA )

How do you bend a headlight?

Thanks! I’ll be sure to try those right away!!!

The Stealth had pop-up headlights.

I was driving down a wet rainy road when the car in front of the truck in front of me stopped suddenly to make a left turn. When I tried to stop I broke into a slide and slid right under the trucks fender! Well all except for my headlight that is, haha.

I usually don’t recommend what I refer to as aftermarket dork-parts, but the Stealth has a pretty healthy aftermarket still. You can get headlight replacements that convert them from pop-up to pretty nice looking non-motorized ones. If you can’t find a replacement factory one, that might be a good way to go.


(try to ignore the idiotic bumper)