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'90 Lincoln Cartier TownCar

Somebody stole the headlight cover (plastic?), passenger side. Believe it? Where could I get one? Everything else is in tact… the bulb & assembly work fine. HELP!

I would guess that it actually came off while driving, and you missed it.

It’s part of the headlight assembly, so not separately purchasable. There are dozens of places that will sell you a headlight.

You can try these guys: Certifit. No idea if you have one near you, though.

I suggest contacting your friendly local junk yard for a replacement headlight assembly.

If local junk yards don’t have what you need, I suggest that you pick up a copy of Hemmings Motor News at Barnes & Noble or other large news stand. In addition to car ads, this publication carries ads for suppliers of parts for virtually all collector and classic cars.

I’m sure you can find aftermarket replacements on eBay. You might want to get one for each side. The remaining one will be badly oxidized if you haven’t polished it.