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Temporary fix for a headlight unit?

So I recently got into a wreck while making a left hand turn at a green light that had a green arrow. The driver that hit me rolled through his red light for whatever reason and my insurance won’t cover the damage he caused. Basically he cracked the plastic covering of my passenger side headlight and now every time it rains or even the smallest bit of moisture touches that particular lightbulb it blows out. I’ve tried replacing the bulb and covering the cracks with packing tape but that didn’t help for long so now I’m trying a clear epoxy glue. I’m a full time college student with a small part time job so I can’t really afford to pay to have the whole thing replaced just yet. Is there any way I can fix this issue and some of the visual damage without having to replace anything just yet?

Seems like you have tried most stop gap measures. I think your best bet is to buy a headlight online, check rockauto. I know you are broke, but between the lamps and glue/tape/supply you might end up spending more money. Also, this is a safety issue too-your life is not cheap, neither are tickets.

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I was gonna say has some in the $60-70 range, depending on what year your car is. A junkyard might have some too. Keep in mind a non-working or broken headlight might attract cops.

Would I be able to replace the headlight myself or do you think I’d have to pay a professional to do it? I usually replace/fix things on my own as long as I know it won’t be ridiculously complicated. My car is a 2010 Dodge Charger.

Head on over to the library and get hold of a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car. It will describe the replacement procedure, then you can decide if you want to tackle it. Usually changing these assemblies is easy enough. But before you incur cost ask the other drivers insurance to cover it, if they hit you they are responsible.

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Why isn’t your insurance covering the damage? What other damage is there?

I didn’t have my drivers license with me while I was driving so they considered the accident to be my fault.

There are a bunch of lights on the dashboard that are on, and my cruise control no longer works. I’ve had the car looked over by a mechanic and he told me there was no rush in fixing anything.

there are some videos on youtube. Maybe you find something that fits your car.

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Having your drivers license with you and fault for the accident are two different issues. Someone is blowing smoke at you. You not having a drivers license on you (assuming you do have one) is not a free pass for the other driver. Go back to the other drivers insurance company and make a fuss, get them to pay for this.

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I find this hard to believe. Do you actually have a written denial of your claim stating this as a reason?

Given that you have other mechanical issues in addition to the headlight problem, you really do want to push for having this covered.

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National Auto Parts is another source for cheaper o.e. looking parts that my body shop uses when cheaper aftermarket parts are specified.

Basically I was told that since I didn’t have my drivers license on me or have proof of insurance on me then the whole wreck was my fault even though he’s the one that rolled through his red light. His insurance even charged ME $287 for the damage to his car. I brought proof to the court hearing that I had both at the time of the accident and got them both removed or whatever. I should of had the guy that hit me breathalized but I wasn’t thinking. I’ll never make that mistake again.

I have a friend who is a mechanic that said he could help me replace the parts at I buy them. I’ve noticed a weird shaking recently coming from the engine. I think it’s the engine mounts.

You had insurance and your Liability coverage did not pay for the damage to the other car? You have a 2010 model and do not have full coverage ?

I’ve fixed a cracked tail-light with a thin line along the crack of 5 minute clear epoxy. It seemed to work ok for a few months during the rainy season here anyway, until for aesthetic reasons I replaced the entire tail light unit. I got the replacement at a local junkyard for $25.

It won’t work for a crack that is already separated, but if the pieces already fit snugly together it should work fine. If you have too wide of gap you can fix that too. You have to cut out the section with the wide gap, then replace it with a new piece of plastic of the same thickness and color. Use the old piece as a template so the new piece matches the shape exactly. Super-glue it in, then cover the crack with the clear epoxy. Finding some plastic with the right thickness and color is most difficult part of the job. Look in places that sell spare brake lights for trailers, etc. Sometimes you can adapt that plastic to what you need.

Or save yourself the trouble and just buy a replacement unit at the local junkyard next time one become available.

I like shoe goo for a clear repair

Drilling a 1/8" hole at the highest and lowest points on the white rear housing will allow water to drain out and vapor to escape and often keeps the lamp from getting wet and failing.