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1993 CHEVY CAPRICE ltz 5.7

I bought a 1993 Chevy Caprice without an owner’s manual. I need to check the fuses for the heater blower motor and rear defrost as it is freezing here

Need fuse panel diagram for 1993 Chevy Caprice ltz 5.7 is one source is one source for owner manuals. You will find many on the internet.

I don’t know the fuse locations so I can’t directly help you, but if it were my car, I would want an owner’s manual even if I did not have a current problem.

How about a little information, maybe there is more to this than just a manual.  Why do you want to check the fuse?  I get suspicious when you want to look for fuses and you are looking at two problems that may be on different fuses.  

Did the fans on both suddenly go out at the same time? When functioning properly can you switch them on and off independently? Did the fan go out a little at a time, likely the slow speeds first?

Defroster - Fuse 15

Heater/AC Controls - Fuse 6

The fuse panel is located on the driver’s side panel of the dash. A service manual from is a good investment for this car.

Autozone has a repair guide for the 90-93 Caprice. Electrical Diagrams on in the Chassis Electrical section.,1893803/initialAction,repairGuide/shopping/vehicleSelected.htm

Ed B.