1993 Accord shuts off while driving

I have a 1993 Honda Accord with about 180,000 miles on it, and for the last 3-4 years, it randomly turns off (engine dies) almost exactly once every 5-6 months. Afterwards, it normally cranks, as if it’s trying to start, but the engine won’t turn all the way over and actually start. This happens in cold and hot weather. At first it would restart after half an hour, or an hour, and then after a few hours of sitting it would just restart. The engine isn’t necessarily hot when it stops b/c it has shut off after only a few miles of driving before. So far, we haven’t gotten it diagnosed b/c by the time we get it towed to a shop for someone to look at it, it starts up fine so the mechanic can’t see what is going on. Once it shut off on the highway, which was a litte scary.

I would first suspect the ignition system as the problem are. I would check for spark getting to the plugs while the trouble is occurring. It may also be a fuel delivery problem. If the ignition is ok then that area needs to be checked out.

I woud suspect the ignition amplifier module. Try cooling it the next time this happens. Carry a can of liquid “Chiller” somethign you can get in Radio Shack or Fry’s for chilling electronic circuits. When it quits, spray the module and see if it recovers on demand.And given I have changed a few of these in the past, that’s wehr I might start investigating.