Cold weather stall

Car starts up immediately after sitting out all day at work in freezing temps and runs fine. Run it down the road a couple of miles, stop at a store, shut off engine. When I come back out to restart, it will want to die on me unless I have my foot on gas revving to keep it going. Once going down the road again, it runs fine. Any ideas what the issue might be? (1993 Accord)

I think you have leaking or dirty fuel injectors. I saw your other post for this car and thought the same. Not much investment on your part, unless someone has a better idea.

Thanks for the reply. The other on-going issue with this car turned out to be the main relay, as someone had suggested. That took care of most of the starting issues. Now just this little annoyance. Is that just an additive I dump in my tank, or something more than that? Thank you!