1992 Saturn SC - It's old

Car sluggish, gages wonky, transmission clunky, check engine lites after 1 or 2 miles, car is old.

And your question is??

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You could at least find out why the Check Engine light is on.

All that needs to be done is jump between the A and B terminals on the ALDL connector under the dash below the steering wheel with a wire, paperclip.

Turn the ignition switch on, and count flashes on the Check Engine light for the code.




sluggish, wonky, clunky, lite-headed after 1 or 2 beers, & old … hmmm … sounds familiar. I suggest a high fiber diet … lol …


And, your point is?

I guess that he is warning us to not buy 27 year old cars of a discontinued marque.
So, for those who thought that buying a car that is almost 3 decades old is a good idea, this serves as a warning.


Listen to @Tester, ignore all others.

And why do you say that ?

…and I thought my car was old. For goodness sake, it sounds like it’s time to retire that old beater.

I’m jealous though. I wish I had those dent-resistant side panels.

I’ve seen a few Saturns with panels that were literally shattered

Still sure you’re jealous . . . ?! :thinking:


Crashed my 92 Staturn SC2 race car back in '94. Left front fender did exactly that… shattered. Bent the steel hood and the plastic nose piece. A little heat N hammer did the nose. A lotta hammer did the hood. I epoxied the fender back together… because it was a race car.

It was a 50/50 repair. Looked great at 50 ft and 50 mph!


I bet it didn’t show dings from other car doors though.

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The other posts aren’t offering any useful advice. Most are just snarky.

But they are good posts :triumph:

Please don’t talk negatively about the posts that our regulars made

I did not think my question got through. After filling out the question and info, I clicked submit and nothing happened. I do not know how much info got through, but the Saturn was running fine, then as I left a parking lot, the car started running very sluggish, had to put it in low just to get going, all gages wonky and was able to get home (groceries in trunk) by running in 3rd. The car is a 92 and no one I could find here had the old diagnostic tool. I had not had a chance to use your paperclip idea yet, hut I will.

Thanks for the response.

Jeff Brennan

No dings, but the bumpers show some scrapes.


Might want to make sure it’s actually running on all 4 cylinders . . .

But before that, at least make sure you don’t have an obvious voltage problem, such as a failing battery and/or alternator

For example, many modules don’t operate correctly if the voltage is severely low and/or high