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Can this 1999 Saturn SL be saved?

my Saturn sl2 1999 when im driven down the road the engine shakes and almost stalls and when I am coming to a stop I got to take it out of D and put it into N can anyone please help me find out whats wrong with it and sometimes the brake peddle locks up on me and I can’t stop I have had to slam it in to park and hit the e-brake to stop,i only paid 100 bucks for the car

Call a salvage yard and see what they will give you for this thing. Also, run together sentences will cause some people on this site to ignore your request for help.

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You expect us to diagnose your car problems over the internet with almost zero information.

How many miles on the car? The check engine light must be on, right? What codes is it setting? Why could you get it for only $100? You do know that Saturns aren’t made anymore and that these early ones are quite unique from parent GM’s other cars from 1999? Can you do your own work on the car? How much are you willing to spend on a 19 year old, $100 car to get it running properly?

If you aren’t willing to answer all my questions, then you should follow @VOLVO_V70 's advice and drive it straight to a junkyard to get whatever you can from this car.

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My God! what did you expect for $100

There is a large vacuum tube from the intake manifold to the brake booster that has a check valve in the middle of it. The hose or the check valve may be leaking. If it is not this, then see what you can get from a junk yard.