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Hesitation at stop light

I have a 1998 Saturn SL2, 130000 miles on it. Automatic transmission. When I come up to a stop sign or light, it feels like the engine starts missing, as if the engine is getting ready to die. If I put it in park or neutral, the problem goes away. When the light turns green, I press on the gas and its very sluggish for a few seconds until it finally starts going again (maybe about the time I hit 10 or 15 MPH). Then everything proceeds happily until I hit the next stop sign or light when the same thing occurs all over again.

Spark plugs? Wires? Fuel filter? Air filter? There’s no point in guessing at much until the most basic things are known to be up to date.

Any check engine light/service engine soon light on?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. All within the past 6 months. And yes to the check engine light. It referred to an EGR valve, which has now been replaced.