1992 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight engine flooded, won't start

The egine is flooded won’t start.

How do you know this? If it really is flooded, let it sit for a few hours and try again. But don’t be surprised if it won’t start.

You may have to remove the spark plugs and let it sit overnight for the gas to evaporate out, before replacing them. I had this problem with my old VW Rabbit, and that worked for me. If the tip of the plug is wet w/gas, confirms a flooded condition. I also disabled the ignition system & cranked the engine a few seconds while the plugs were out to expel most of the gas to speed the evaporation process, but if you do that be sure to follow appropriate gasoline shop safety procedures.

The question remains: how did it get flooded in the first place ? That’s an uncommon thing in modern fuel injected cars .

Hold the accelerator pedal to the floor and then try starting the engine.


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just to be clear: we’re talking about flooded with fuel right? not under water?

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