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2002 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class flooded

My car is flooded really bad I put some gas in there and still won’t start what should I do now I waited overnight to try to start it again and it still won’t start

Was the car in a flood (as in water), if so was the interior flooded and how high? Or did you flood the engine trying to start it?

Ed B.

If it was under water, call your insurer and ask them what to do.

If your car was under water, do not try to start it, you could damage the engine beyond repair. Follow @jtsanders advice and call your insurance company, have the car towed to a shop and they can determine if the car is worth saving.

If you are saying the engine is flooded with gas and wont start, your injectors may be leaking.

If you mean the engine is flooded with gas, hold the accelerator all the way down to the floor and then try starting the engine.


Please respond, no way to help without more information.

If by “flooded” you mean too much gasoline got into the cylinders somehow, you may have to remove the spark plugs and crank the engine a few times to expel the majority out the spark plug holes (have big fire extinguisher on hand). You’ll probably notice the tips of the sparks plugs are wet with liquid gasoline when you remove them, which is why it won’t start. Then let it sit for a day to allow the remaining gasoline in the cylinders to evaporate before replacing the spark plugs. I had that problem w/my VW Rabbit one time. I was doing a fuel system test and inadvertently flooded the cylinders with gasoline.