2002 Ford Escape - Flooded?

Seems to be flooded out. I shut it down before it had a chance to warm up. Now it won’t start. I haven’t been driving it much, but this happened another time about 2 weeks ago. At that time it was warmed up. I waited about 6 hrs and it started.

My guess, either crankshaft positioning sensor or leaking fuel injector.
Is the CEL on? If so, have the codes read and post the code numbers here.

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Hold the gas pedal to the floor, and then try starting it.


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If it cranks ok … that rrr rrr rrrr sound … but won’t catch and run, that’s usually either no spark or no fuel. So check those first before presuming something less likely. If you feel certain the engine is flooded with gasoline, remove the spark plugs. Are the tips coated with wet fuel? If so, crank the engine a few times to expel the fuel, then let it sit overnight wth the spark plugs removed to allow any gasoline in the cylinders to evaporate.