1992 Acura Legend power steering


LOVE my Acura (175,000mi) but was told by my local mechanic that the power steering rack was shot - associated lines, etc. - would cost $1,000 and suspect he doesn’t want to mess with it. (NY and MI winters have, no doubt, taken their toll.) Since I just use this car to go hiking nearby with my dogs, can I just “muscle steer” the car?


No. A bad steering rack is a significant safety hazard. Suppose you need to “muscle” the steering and it won’t move? You could kill yourself, your dogs, and some innocent motorists.

It’s $1,000. The cost of a new car is 20 to 30 times that (or more). Spend the money and drive your Legend another 100,000 miles.

How many dogs can you fit in a Legend?