Power steering problems

I have a 2000 taurus and I have been having trouble with my power steering. Its leaking badly & from where I see it is Leaking is under the car on the passenger side by the tire. can some one tell me what is near there that may be the problem? Also essentially the taurus power steering runs on transmission fluid so could it be a practical idea to use trans stop & sea to slow the leakage til I get to a mechanic?

There is a power steering pressure hose and stop leak wont fix it. The hose will need to be replaced.

Could be bad hose or rack seal might have blown. So repair might be moderately expensive or more expensive. You need to have a shop look at it. Any shop can do steering work.

Thanks I took it to a mechanic & he said it was the racket seal. He’s charging $350. Is that price out of the norm?

Yep, auto repair IS a racket. 350 is a fair price for new rack. Did that include alignment?