99 Ford Taurus 30K miles (got it from Gma)

I just got it back from the dealer and the power steering has gone out. They said the PS rack and pump need to be replaced. I am getting quotes of around $1100 - $1500 is that reasonable? Should I look for a mechanic that needs side work?

Get another opinion. I would hope the pump and steering rack on a Taurus lasts longer than 30K miles.

Even if you need these things, any independent mechanic can probably do the job for less than the dealer.

Well I just called two mechanics that were listed here in Portland on this webpage and they actually quoted more then the dealer…

The dealer said the seal to the rack is where the leak is. Can you just replace the seal? The pump is a probably needs to be replaced because I am still driving it with no PS but has only been a week or so.

If you’re driving this car without power steering you are endangering yourself and everyone else on the road. Get it fixed or park it.

I was told it wasnt a big deal to drive it without power steering. It is just harder to steer but no other repercussions can occur. Why is it dangerous?

Because it’s harder to steer. What if there’s an emergency and you have to take evasive action?

If you get into a wreck with this known problem, then you will not fair well in a resulting lawsuit. This is true even if the steering had nothing to do with the wreck, as far as you are concerned.
By continuing to operate the car, you have caused a cheap $100 repair to become a $1000+ repair.

Its only been a week since the power steering has gone out. The repair has been quoted from the get go at $1K never $100.

Back to my original question should the rack and pump cost this much or should I find a mechanic on CL?

If you had fixed it when it was leaking, before it ran low on fluid, the repair could have been in the $100+ range. Once it ran dry and you drove it to a garage (instead of towing it there) you jumped to the $1000+ range. (You can learn from this or not, it’s your choice.)

Continuing to drive with the pump running dry damages the pump and will eventually cause the pump to seize and throw the belt. You won’t get far then, the water pump and alternater will quit turning.

Since nobody here is actually giving you an answer to your question, I’ll chime in. No, it’s not an unreasonable price. Just make sure the replacement parts have a warranty.

Definitely within an expected range… My mechanic quotes a price of ~$800 for this job with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, so he might be able to get a slightly lower price… but $1100 isn’t exactly outrageous.

Salvage yard parts are another solution…Sometimes there are guys working in or around these places looking for “side-jobs” like this. Ask the counter men…

Can you even SEE the P.S. pump on this car?? Some of these V6 FWD cars are very difficult to work on…While you are at it, you might as well change the rubber hoses (with new ones) too.

The PS pump on these cars sits right on top of the engine - there is nothing really in the way at all. I believe the service procedure calls for removing the alternator after you pull the belt, but that may not actually be necessary, I’m not sure. But you certainly aren’t digging.

I once cracked the pulley on one when I slipped while working on a frozen tensioner pulley… Didn’t have the tools and the independent mechanic down the road charged 30 minutes labor to replace the pulley (his minimum).